The Plan

 The Labor Unions 401(k) Plan is a well-established 401(k) plan that originated in 1997. Originally the Plan was founded with the sole purpose of benefiting union members and their families but has since expanded to union affiliates and union friendly companies. Included in those participating are members of Unite-Here, Teamsters, plumbers and pipefitters, SEIU, electrical workers, Office & Employees Workers, various labor councils and their affiliates. In the last three years the Plan has grown from $35 million to $43 million, and continues to grow. For many, the Labor Unions 401(k) Plan has been added as a supplement to their Defined Benefit or other conventional pension plan, allowing employees to contribute on a tax deferred basis and provide for a greater retirement benefit.

There are many advantages to participating in the Labor Unions 401(k) Plan!

• Self-directed investments including automatic investment by age

• Deferred taxes on investment earnings

• Simple loan program where the interest is low and paid back to the participant’s account.

• Hardship Withdrawal for those under age 59 1⁄2 who encounter certain financial situations (specified by IRS regulations).

• Flexibility in establishing your contribution and making changes when needed.

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